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uncle bonsai "plan brown wrapper"

19 Unreleased Songs!
Plain Brown Wrapper
Available on CD Only

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Plain Brown Wrapper features 19 previously unavailable Uncle Bonsai songs. Culled from tapes, videos, and radio broadcast recordings, this collection presents performances from as early as 1983 all the way up to the final Uncle Bonsai show in 1989.

SONGS (click for lyric):
Olivia Newton John
Don't Put It In Your Mouth
Man For The 80's
Meet Me Under The Table (A Drinking Song)
Kill The Competition (A Love Song)
Parcel Post
In The Suburbs
To Market, To Market (Pigs)
Too Many Creeps
Boys In Heat
They're At It Again
Splitting The Genes
Eine Kleine Nacht Musik
Chubby Wanna Sundae?
Ashley's Little Blues
There Is A Line
I Like Girls
Rich Kids
The Star Spangled Banner


The Inessential Uncle Bonsai
Myn Ynd Wymyn
Plain Brown Wrapper
A Lonely Grain of Corn
Boys Want Sex in the Morning
Sponge Boy


The Complete Uncle Bonsai
6-CD box Set for $60

The TRULY Complete Uncle Bonsai
Seven CDs and a CD Single for $100!

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