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uncle bonsai "a lonely grain of corn"

A Lonely Grain of Corn
Available on CD Only

Compact Disc: $14.00
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This was the very first Uncle Bonsai recording, and the only studio album the group ever released. Originally released on LP and Cassette only, we're thrilled to be able to offer this digitally remastered compact disc version of A Lonely Grain of Corn.

SONGS (click for lyric):
Billboard Love
One In A Million
Day Old Whale
Charlie and Me
Johnny, It's Downhill From Here
He Must Have Been A Genius
A Lonely Grain of Corn
Fat Boys (A Love Song)
Penis Envy


The Inessential Uncle Bonsai
Myn Ynd Wymyn
Plain Brown Wrapper
A Lonely Grain of Corn
Boys Want Sex in the Morning
Sponge Boy


The Complete Uncle Bonsai
6-CD box Set for $60

The TRULY Complete Uncle Bonsai
Seven CDs and a CD Single for $100!

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