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Serves You Right

the new CD by performing songwriter Matt Price

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The songs:
Nothing Wrong With Us
The Only Thought
Old Mister Gray
Old Farmhouse
Your Footsteps
Pony Soldier
Serves You Right
Out of Gas
Jesus Don't Mind
Maybe Then You'll Remember

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Produced by Alicia Healey,
Rebecca Cohen,
Karena Forbes,
Mark Graham,
Alicia Healey,
Orville Johnson,
Joe Jencks,
Gordon Kuhns,
David Pascal,
Katie Peterson,
Deb Seymour,
Joe Prater and
Joe Weihe.

Recorded at J.B. Productions, in Bellevue, Wa.
Photography by Chris Kulcheski
Graphic Design by Rosacordis Design
Printing and Manufacturing by Realtime Audio



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