the debut recording from

The debut recording from Miles and Karina, aka David Keenan and Nova Devonie, of Ranch Romance fame. Original music, with a folky, jazzy, latiny, feel, and the occassional James Bond Theme song. Miles and Karina have a large national following, thanks to their years and recordings with Ranch Romance (Sugar Hill) and continue to tour up and down the West Coast, and perform at festivals throughout North America.

"Latin grooves, humorous moods, joyous sounds that you wish the advertisers would stop talking over so you could listen to it - and now you can! Be surprised and delighted with a mix of music from the minds and memories of multi-talented Ranch Romance alumni Miles and Karina."

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"Step into Miles' & Karina's stylish world, where the colors have higher chroma, the weather is studio-lot perfect, and the sound has been preselected and programmed to improve your mood. You will smile and they will smile back." - Tim O'Brien


National Release: 2/13/01
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