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The Big List Of Songs!

These are most of the songs that are either currently available on Uncle Bonsai, Electric Bonsai Band, or Mel Cooleys recordings, or on upcoming releases. In addition, there are a few songs that are/were performed regularly but, for one reason or another, have not found their way to compact disc or cassette. There might even be a new song or two!
All song were written by Andrew Ratshin.*

*Lyrics by Arni Adler
**Lyrics by Arni Adler and Andrew Ratshin

List by album

Most of the Songs - A to Z

Individual Album Lyric Links

Electric Bonsai Band
I Am Joe's Eyes
But I'm Happy Now
20 Seconds of Pleasure
Lounging in the Belly of the Beast
Primal Urges

Uncle Bonsai

The Inessential Uncle Bonsai
Myn Ynd Wymyn
Plain Brown Wrapper
Sponge Boy
(CD Single)
Mel Cooleys
Live(?) In Seattle
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