Now available from Yellow Tail Records ...

the debut CD from singer-songwriter

scott katz

Produced by Sam Masich,
featuring Katie Peterson and Christine Duncan

"...irreverant, disrespectful, sardonic, and deadly accurate"
-Leah Kaufman, Songwriter

"... an insidious charm and truth that sneak up on you like a cartoon mouse with a stick of dynamite"
-Arnie Sugar, Expert

The songs:
The Wrong Song  (
Audio Sample)
Kenny G               (
Audio Sample)
A Strong Word
Write Me a Letter  (
Audio Sample)
Perfectly Perfect (
Audio Sample)
Carolina Eyes
Call It the Blues
Beer Is Good        (
Audio Sample)
My Dog Don’t Know It’s Christmas
A Funny Kind of Blues
Love and Lunch
The Fault

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katie peterson

  Katie Peterson is a Seattle singer with a soft spot for jazz standards and swing tunes, as well as the work of contemporary songwriters. She sings with the western swing band The New Radio Cowboys, performing at festivals, clubs, and special events throughout the Northwest.

  Katie will be performing songs by some of her favorite northwest songwriters, showcasing the writing talents of Andrew Ratshin, Joe Weihe, CJ MacDuffee and others. She will be accompanied by Greg Scott on guitar and vocals and Paul Elliott on violin.

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