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A house concert is, quite simply, a concert at someone's house. It can be anything from a private party in your basement, to an advertised public concert series at a nearby church. They take place in small towns; they take place in major cities...anywhere a group of people can get together to hear someone play. They are usually public events although many House Concert series rely on their own mailing list to get an audience.


Almost all of the Yellow Tail Recording artists have played or are willing to play house concerts. However, there are some obvious difficulties in putting together a show with some of our groups, but our solo artists are more than willing -- in fact, in some cases, prefer -- to play house concerts.


For a variety of reasons, none of our artists are represented by "mainstream" national booking agencies. When we tour, if we tour, we usually rely on friends or Yellow Tail connections to find places to play. And, when we finally do get out there and play, there are often "off nights" between shows. More often than not, we prefer performing to watching the local news at the Red Roof Inn. On the other hand, some of us have done entire tours comprised solely of House Concerts. They're an incredibly fun and rewarding way to play for a, usually, appreciative audience. The thing is, we enjoy what we do and we want to do it more often. Sometimes there's a great fan base in a city but no venue; a House Concert can give us an opportunity we might not otherwise have.


A living room, a basement, a back yard, a local church, a recreation center! Anywhere a group of people can sit comfortably and watch a concert. Obviously, when doing a concert, there are certain things that we prefer. Chairs that actually face the performer are always nice, as is a room with some ventilation and no pinball machines.


Ah...that's the big question, isn't it. I'm not trying to be coy...they cost from a little to a lot. There are a lot of questions that need to be asked before an artist settles on a price. Things like: is this an ongoing House Concert series or a one time event? How far away from home is the show? Is the performer going to be "in the area" anyway? How big is the room? How many people do you expect? You see, all sorts of things go into the negotiations. If you think that you're really interested in trying to host a House Concert, let us know and we'll talk about it. There's usually some sort of guarantee, enough to cover the expenses and still have something to take home. Keep in mind that most musicians love to play these kind of personal, up close, shows. On the other hand, this is what we do for a living...we try to strike some sort of balance.


Chairs...or pillows...or couches...some appreciative friends...a way to get the word out. A House Concert is just like any other show...except, quite often, it's in your living room. Think about what makes you comfortable at a concert; that's the perfect place to start. It's nice if there's someplace for the musician to warm up and place to sell some CDs. Sometimes refreshments are served or sold...sometimes there's actually room for the musician to stay over. Everything's negotiable.


The individual artists and Yellow Tail Records will help promote, if necessary, and even work with a venue to help organize an event. (In Boulder, Colorado, Yellow Tail Records actually worked with some individuals to rent the Unitarian Church for an Electric Bonsai Band show and a Hilary Field show...both were very successful...both started out as House Concerts.) If this is a public event, and you're trying to get your favorite artist to come to your town, we'll help with posters, press and radio promotional packages, photos, whatever is needed to help make a successful event. In many cases, our musicians are driving and have their own sound system. Sometimes, they're flying and need a's something to talk about.


Where do you live? Are you interested in having one of us play in your your local grange a your living room? Let us know and we'll see what we can work out. Start with an Email and let's see where it leads!

House Concerts are not just a way to fill in the empty nights on the road; a series of House Concerts can be the entire tour! They can be creatively and financially rewarding; they can be fun; they can be the perfect way to get one of us to your town. If you're interested, let us know.

The following artists are available for house concerts. You can contact the individual artists by sending To contact them individually, or for additional information, please use the Contact Form*:

Electric Bonsai Band

Hilary Field

Scott Katz

Mel Cooleys

Patrice O'Neill

Uncle Bonsai

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