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The 24 Preludes
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The 24 Preludes Opus 28

Published in September 1839, Chopin organized the Preludes so that each was written on one of the 24 tonalities. He presented them in the order of the scales, with each major key followed by its relative minor key, in the same fashion that J.S. Bach had written his Preludes and Fugues nearly 100 years earlier.

Chopin wrote most of the Preludes during his stay with George Sand in Mallorca, Spain in 1838. However, before leaving Paris, to join Sand, he had already composed and presented some of them to his friend and editor, Camille Pleyel, to whom he dedicated the collection in the first French edition.

This collection that Chopin so modestly called "Preludes" are not just what the title suggests - short pieces to be played as an introduction to other pieces. They are musical poems, portraits of emotional moments from an artist faced with mortality. The diversity in writing, technical demands, and beauty are remarkable. Some reveal the terror and visions of death present in moments of hallucination. Others are filled with passion and tenderness, revealing the unity of art and nature. As one delves deeply into this masterpiece, either as a listener or as a performer, it is a never-ending journey of emotional experiences and discoveries.

- G.D. 10/97
About The Artist

A native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Geísa Dutra has captivated audiences in Europe, and North and South America with her versatility and powerful, yet sensitive performances.

Winner of the 1985 Cliburn International Piano Institute Award, the 1983 Johannesen International School of the Arts Award (Canada) and the 1986 Ladies Musical Club Competition in Seattle, Ms. Dutra has also placed first in numerous competitions in Brazil.

Geísa Dutra started her musical training at the age of four, with her mother Isabel Dutra, performing her first recital one year later. She continued her studies with Heitor Alimonda at the Escola de Musica da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and with Bèla Siki at the University of Washington.

Her successful European debut in 1991-92 included concerts in Belgium and Germany. After a season highlighted by a recital at the United Nations' 50th Anniversary Celebration in San Francisco, Ms. Dutra has also gained high praise for her concerts in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Seattle and Chicago. A frequent guest and performer on National Public Radio and television, her humor and joie de vivre have made for informative and engaging interviews.


Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849)
The 24 Preludes Opus 28
Geisa Dutra, piano

Nr. 1 in C Major, Agitato


Nr. 2 in A minor, Lento


Nr. 3 in G Major, Vivace


Nr. 4 in E minor, Largo


Nr. 5 in D Major, Allegro Molto


Nr. 6 in B minor, Lento Assai


Nr. 7 in A Major, Andantino


Nr. 8 in F# minor, Molto Agitato


Nr. 9 in E Major, Largo


Nr. 10 in C# minor, Allegro Molto


Nr. 11 in B Major, Vivace


Nr. 12 in G# minor, Presto


Nr. 13 in F# Major, Lento


Nr. 14 in Eb minor, Allegro


Nr. 15 in Db Major, Sostenuto


Nr. 16 in Bb minor, Presto con fuoco


Nr. 17 in Ab Major, Allegretto


Nr. 18 in F minor, Allegretto Molto


Nr. 19 in Eb Major, Vivace


Nr. 20 in C minor, Largo


Nr. 21 in Bb Major, Cantabile


Nr. 22 in G minor, Molto Agitato


Nr. 23 in F Major, Moderato


Nr. 24 in D minor, Allegro Apassionato


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