Geísa Dutra
Brazilian and Spanish Piano Works

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Isaac Albéniz:

 Cantos de España (Songs of Spain - Selections)

   Astorias (Prelude)

   Sous le Palmier (Under the Palm Tree)



Frederic Mompou:

 Scenes d'Enfants (Scenes of Childhood)

   Cris dans la Rue (Cries on the Street)

   Jeux sur la Plage (Games at the Beach)

   Jeu (Game)

   Jeu (Game)

   Jeunes Filles au Jardin (Girls at the Garden)

Heitor Villa Lobos:

 A Prole do Bebe #1 (The Baby's Family)

   Branquinha (The Porcelain Doll)

   Moreninha (The Paper Doll)

   Caboclinha (The Clay Doll)

   Mulatinha (The Rubber Doll)

   Negrinha (The Wooden Doll)

   A Pobresinha (The Rag Doll)

   O Polichinelo (Punch)

   Bruxa (The Witch Doll)

Ernesto Nazareth:

 Two Tangos


   Escorregando (Sliding Down)

Camargo Guarnieri:


Claudio Santoro:

 Paulistana #1

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