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Yellow Tail Records is a Seattle-based independent label specializing in Folk/Acoustic and Classical recordings. We currently offer 27 titles, including recordings Geísa Dutra, Electric Bonsai Band, Hilary Field, Scott Katz, Christine Lavin, Mel Cooleys, Miles and Karina, Patrice O'Neill, Matt Price, Bill Radke and Uncle Bonsai. In addition, we offer a sampler and a great compilation double-CD, The Winter Concert CD

Take a look around! We have Full Shopping Cart Site, a special News page, (featuring some of the newer things we've got going on around here), a Lyrics page, and a Concert Calendar. Each artist on our roster has a home page with information about recordings and upcoming performances. In addition, if you're a musician, we have information about CD Duplication at incredible discounts, from our sister company, NW Discs.

The best way to find out about us is to start clicking on pages. You can always visit the site map but, as you look around, you'll probably find lots of interesting things. We're working on updating our Books and Music pages. The Books page, presented in association with, features some of our favorite books - with direct ordering links for those who would like to buy at a discount. The Music page is basically a What's On The CD Player Here At Yellow Tail list, also with purchasing (at a discount) links to

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