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Two Discs
Twenty Five Songs
Recorded Live in Concert

Primal Urges

The Diaper Song
Lounging in the Belly of the Beast
The Automobile/The Airplane: Part One
Primal Urges
Buddha Boy
After The Flood
I Am My Dad
If A Tree Falls
Angry Young Man
Dog at the Gates of Hell
Just One Angel
Happy Endings (Romeo and Juliet)
Doug's Second Proposal
Doug's First Job
Comfort Me
If God Went To My High School
Drunken Paul Revere
If You're An Angel
True Love
That's My Boy
How Hard Is Love
Puberty Wars
The Weatherman
I Am Joe's Eyes

"As Andrew Ratshin points out, the Electric Bonsai Band is neither electric nor a band. Instead, it is Ratshin's solo project, an offshoot of Seattle-based Uncle Bonsai .Primal Urges is a generous two-CD collection of old and new material, recorded live in 1998 and 1999. The title cut cleverly connects the desire of kids to own a cool car with the primal sexual urges that come part and parcel with being a teenager. Lyrics like "I got a poster of Farrah/and an urge to compete/I got a Schwinn with a buzzer/and a big banana seat" suggest quite a lot without actually saying anything. "I Am My Dad" covers the joy of losing one's hair and gaining weight on the way to becoming one's father, while the ditty "Buddha Boy" suggests that it may be easier to start a religion than to lose weight. Songs like "If a Tree Falls" and "Doug's First Job" take a more serious turn, presenting slice-of-life stories about bad days and discovering one's identity. The philosophical bent of these songs is thoughtful and solemn, placing Ratshin side-by-side songwriters like Ellis Paul and Christine Lavin . Still, one cannot get too comfortable with the "serious" mode because titles like "If God Went to My High School" and "Drunken Paul Revere" keep popping up. Ratshin is in good voice, there's pleasant banter in between songs, and it's nice to have new versions of these songs performed live. For fans and those who enjoy clever, thoughtful lyrics, Primal Urges offers an hour and a half of nicely performed live music."
~ Ronnie Lankford, Jr., All Music Guide

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But I'm Happy Now
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Lounging in the Belly of the Beast

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Electric Bonsai Band Discography

as Electric Bonsai Band

I Am Joe's Eyes

Yellow Tail  10001

But I'm Happy Now

Yellow Tail  10004

20 Seconds Of Pleasure

Yellow Tail  10005

Lounging in the Belly of the Beast

Yellow Tail  10009

Primal Urges: A Collection

Yellow Tail  10011

Big Times In A Small Town
"I Am My Dad"

Philo/Rounder 01155

with Mel Cooleys

Live(?) In Seattle

Yellow Tail  10006

With Uncle Bonsai

The Inessential Uncle Bonsai

Yellow Tail  10002

Myn Ynd Wymyn

Yellow Tail  10003


Yellow Tail  10010

Legacy "Men And Women"

Windham Hill

A Lonely Grain Of Corn

Freckle  01908

Boys Want Sex In The Morning

Freckle  01911