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Electric Bonsai Band is actually Andrew Ratshin, member of and principal songwriter for the group Uncle Bonsai, and his acoustic guitar. When this popular Seattle-based trio disbanded in 1989, Andrew began recording and performing, with just his voice and an acoustic guitar, as Electric Bonsai Band.

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Electric Bonsai Band is actually Andrew Ratshin, member of and principal songwriter for the group Uncle Bonsai, and his acoustic guitar. When this popular Seattle-based trio disbanded in 1989, Andrew began recording and performing, with just his voice and an acoustic guitar, as Electric Bonsai Band.

With the release of his debut recording, I Am Joe's Eyes, on Yellow Tail Records, Andrew began headlining at clubs and festivals across North America; with the release of a live cassette, 20 Seconds Of Pleasure (a collection of 20-second and 40-second songs) and the critically acclaimed, But I'm Happy Now, Andrew established himself as "one of the premier songwriters of his generation" (The Maverick Report). In 1997, the release of Lounging In The Belly Of The Beast had Sing Out magazine proclaiming Andrew "an absolute original" and "there's more than enough brilliance here to entice and seduce open minded listeners who appreciate exceptionally well written songs."

In, Yellow Tail Records was proud to present the long-awaited Electric Bonsai Band release, Primal Urges: A Collection. Recorded live in concert, this double compact disc -- over 25 songs...over 140 minutes of live music -- features Electric Bonsai Band performing selections from his previous releases, as well as a number of new "classics." Richard Foss of BAM Magazine said that "Ratshin...merges the humorous and the profound..." and to "expect an absorbing, wry evening of poetic wit and great songs"; this new recording surpasses those expectations!

[When asked why he decided to call himself Electric Bonsai Band, Andrew responded as follows: "For years, people seemed to always be confused by three people being called Uncle Bonsai...one name. I thought that, by calling myself a band, I could effectively continue to confuse people well into the 90's. Now, four solo recordings and three compilations later, it looks like it's Electric Bonsai Band from now on. As I've said before, it's a cheap joke, but it's mine."]

And what has the press had to say about Andrew's songs?

"The songs on But I'm Happy Now are all impeccable. Each is perfectly rendered. We are confident in the years to come, Andrew Ratshin will be judged as one of the premier songwriters of his generation.
And there you have it, Electric Bonsai Band's - But I'm Happy Now, one of the brightest, most innovative, cheerful, and rhythmic albums to come out in decades."
- The Maverick Report

"For this little slice of pop heaven, [But I'm Happy Now] Ratshin deserves a pair of wings and a silver halo...slightly bent."
- Performing Songwriter

"Mr. Ratshin, a classically trained violinist as well as a skillful folk guitarist, writes songs that are intriguing mixtures of social commentary and playful theatrics.
Elaborate, pungently satirical songs.....take aim at the superficiality and narcissism of 80's culture in clever brittle lyrics that almost stand on their own as light verse."
- Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"Each of Ratshin's songs describes a clear, self-contained, lyrical, and musical landscape. While the complex chordings and tricky rhythmic structures are clearly those of a trained musician, the songs move crisply in a pop vein, backed by Ratshin's impeccable acoustic guitar playing and arranging skills."
- Absolute Sound

""But I'm Happy Now" explodes with energy, wit, wisdom, optimism and plenty of sarcastic grins. It's happy now, but with not a grain of saccharine...
...Engineered, and bolstered by an all-star cadre of musicians and backup vocalists the sound is lush, full and dizzy with detail."
- The Ann Arbor News

"Neither electric nor a band, Andrew Ratshin is still mesmerizing as a solo performer, armed as he is with just an acoustic guitar and a repertoire of sharp-edged songs...Expect an absorbing, wry evening of poetic wit and great songs."
- Richard Foss, BAM

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UNCLE BONSAI YELLOW TAIL SAMPLER BIG LIST OF SONGS! LINKS PHOTOS SAMPLER ELECTRIC BONSAI BAND Christine Lavin blankey.com mulberrybushmusic.com uncle bonsai nwdiscs.com scott katz DISC ONE: The Inessential Uncle Bonsai Send My Body Home; Isaac's Lament; In It For The Children; Suzy; I Want A Man; Fat Boys; One In A Million; Heartache; Johnny, It's Downhill From Here; He Must Have Been A Genius; A Lonely Grain of Corn; Boys Want Sex In The Morning; Lois Lane; Silent Night; Enterprising Young Man; Billboard Love; Cheerleaders On Drugs; Penis Envy; Charlie and Me DISC TWO: Myn Ynd Wymyn The Voice Of God; Men and Women; Doug At His Moms; Womb For Rent; K-Mart; Bedroom Eyes; Midas Touch; Folk Song; Family Restaurant; Julie Andrews; Another Fat Song; Takin' The Kids To Disney World; Then God Made Malls; Me and Mrs. Middle America; Big Chihuahua; Women With A "Y" (Womyn); Making Fun Of Foreigners DISC THREE: Doug Doug's Birthday Song; Doug Goes To Town; Doug Gets Married; Doug's Divorce: Part 2; Doug At His Mom's; Doug at the Gates of Hell (Epilogue) (Electric Bonsai Band); Doug's First Job (Electric Bonsai Band); Doug At Home (Mel Cooleys); Delilah Gets Married (Mel Cooleys); Doug's Divorce: Preamble (Doug and the TV: Part 2) (Mel Cooleys); Doug Engaged (Mel Cooleys); Doug's First Date (Uncle Bonsai w/Mel Cooleys); Doug's Greatest Christmas Ever (Uncle Bonsai w/Mel Cooleys) DISC FOUR: Plain Brown Wrapper Olivia Newton John; Don't Put It In Your Mouth; Man For The 80's; Meet Me Under The Table (A Drinking Song); Kill The Competition (A Love Song); Parcel Post; In The Suburbs; To Market, To Market (Pigs); Too Many Creeps; Boys In Heat; They're At It Again; Splitting The Genes; Eine Kleine Nacht Musik; Chubby Wanna Sundae?; Ashley's Little Blues; There Is A Line; I Like Girls; Rich Kids; The Star Spangled Banner APOLOGY Disc Five - Bonus DISC: Sponge Boy Sponge Boy